Amazon Internship 2021: A Complete Guide

amazon internship

Amazon Internship will teach you everything you need to know about applying, getting an offer, and getting your return.

Amazon is one of the world’s most famous companies. Additionally, to being the third most recognized brand worldwide, it is also a cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce giant. Amazon consistently attracts top tech talent year after year due to its massive presence and need for innovation. 

A common way to pursue an Amazon Internship is through its extensive internship program. The Amazon program, ranked 5th on’s list of Best Internships, offers internships available for students studying software engineering, product management, data science, human resource management, sales, and much more.

Those who are looking for internships should be prepared well in advance. Find out how to break into this tech giant

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You need to find the right opportunity

In addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), interns for Amazon Internship works on device teams, as well as teams for digital entertainment. Look for internships within a team’s area of expertise if you’re more interested in team-specific opportunities. 

The chances are good if you’ve been eyeing a specific role, like software development or operations. There are many opportunities at Amazon Internship Most employers differentiate between technical and nontechnical positions, with a range of options in each category. Internship for Software Development Engineers (SDEs) 

  • Amazon Finance Rotation Program 
  • Summer internship in Sales at AWS 
  • Internship in Data Engineering 

Discover Amazon Internship Job’s full range of opportunities before applying. Target one program. You should be prepared to apply by knowing the job description, the requirements, and the application deadline.

amazon internship

Amazon Internship on Data Science

A total of more than 8,000 interns were accepted by Amazon in 2020, 8 percent of them in data science and applied science. Data scientists are among Amazon’s most in-demand talents. The company employs data scientists, machine-learning engineers, and data engineers across its retail business, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alexa, and production studios, as well as those responsible for managing its growing workforce.

In addition to technical engineering amazon internship, the company also offers internships in research and business.

  • This includes software development, hardware development, applied science, product development, and data science.
  • The latter includes operations management, marketing, sales, product management, and retail/consumer leadership

The company boasts that its interns work on real projects. This includes customer-facing products for as well as internal projects to improve the order fulfillment process. Furthermore, supplemental training in the form of classroom education and self-service resources is offered. Each intern is paired with a mentor and a manager who guide their development over the course of the internship. 

amazon internship

Amazon internship on MBA

Amazon Internship offers MBA students a wide array of career opportunities with countless opportunities. From day 1, business school grads are leading teams in our fulfillment centers, working on new, fast-moving products and services like our one-hour delivery service Prime Now, and changing the way we use devices through Alexa.

Across all of our businesses, they hire MBAs for a variety of roles, including rotations in Amazon Internship retail teams, product managers in Amazon Web Services (AWS), and fast-tracked leadership roles in our fulfillment network. The majority of our US corporate roles are based in Seattle, with fulfillment jobs spread across each of our global locations in North America, Europe, China, and Japan.

They understand the importance of finding the right role and the right company. 

amazon internship

Amazon internship on Software engineering

Since SDEs build products on behalf of their customers, their challenges are complex. At Amazon, they hire the best technologists to build and innovate. It’s important for Amazon to hire applicants with a passion for developing new products.

Studies computer science or computer engineering at the undergraduate or graduate level. A good understanding of programming languages such as Java, C/C++, and Python. Know object-oriented design, algorithm design, data structures, problem-solving, and complexity analysis.

amazon internship


Engage Amazonians in designing and innovating products. Leading fundamental changes in an industry is possible by coding complex problems. The best solutions are designed and coded starting with broadly defined problems.


A previous internship(s) must have been completed.
· Experience developing distributed, multitiered systems, algorithms, and relational databases.
Prior to this, linear programming and nonlinear optimization were used.
· Knows how to solve any technical issues.

Don't forget to check the calendar

There is no surprise that Amazon Internship has so many different student programs since they are all recruited at different times. The deadline for summer applications varies by role and university.

Therefore, stay on top of the deadlines. What does it look like?

See if there are any Amazon internship postings on

Look on your university’s job boards, such as Handshake, until you find the posting you are looking for

Find out what the career office at your university can offer you

Browse (or post on) sites such as Team Blind, Quora, or blogs that address professional development

Knowing the application deadline allows you to plan your application and interview preparation.

Resumes should be updated

The company does not accept cover letters, in contrast to companies like Google, Microsoft, and many others. Your application will therefore be decided by your resume. Be sure to ensure that this is well formatted, updated, and looks impressive before sending it in. The following tips will help you:

Relevant experience should be highlighted

Student experiences can include internships, volunteer work, school projects, coursework, and leadership positions. Experience that reflects Amazon’s values (see below) as well as relevant skills should be included in your resume.

Basics Don't Get Left Behind

Keep an eye out for spelling and grammar mistakes. Be sure to keep your formatting, font, and style consistent. The number of people who miss this is shocking, but it makes a huge difference.

Have Your Resume Proofread

Have a friend or someone in your field of interest review your resume if you know anyone at Amazon Internship. In addition to providing valuable insight into what recruiters look for, they will be able to answer questions. Consider reaching out to your university’s career office if you’re unable to connect with an industry professional or Amazonian.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

The odds of a recruiter or hiring manager checking out your social media are high even if you apply through your university’s career website. LinkedIn will be the obvious choice since it is the most popular professional networking website.

Your profile should be updated, well-written, and completely filled out. The quality of your education and work experience, as well as an impressive summary, are important. You may find valuable advice on improving your LinkedIn profile.

Ensure your profile photo is of professional quality with a well-lit environment. Photographers aren’t necessary for this process. You can actually do it at home. 

You should highlight these qualities

Neither a 4.0 degree nor a 4.0 GPA is required for Amazon jobs. Rather, they are looking for students who are driven, passionate, and willing to learn. A few examples of these qualities are…

Ability to solve problems

Propose solutions to fix bottlenecks. These solutions can be found on the company’s website Create ‘easier, faster, simpler, and more Satisfaction

experiences for our customers. Are there any skills you acquired that will?

apply in your role at Amazon? What is the plan for implementing them now?

Behaviour Oriented Toward Action

Become a “doer”. Be ready to put your ideas into action, as well as to have good ideas. Take initiative and make tough decisions when you have taken the initiative The extra mile to get something done or the leadership

decisions you’ve made.

amazon internship

Curiosity for knowledge

Having an insatiable curiosity for learning and growing, as both an employee and a person. This should shine through when discussing 

We are interested in learning about your passions, experiences, and attitude towards Amazon Internship.

The desire to innovate

You should possess the skills above, which lead to a high level of innovation capacity, as well as want to improve the firm.

Experiences with customers, and more. A spirit of entrepreneurship will take you far. Describe past projects you have worked on to show this off 

We’d like to know what unique contributions you’ve made to companies, inventions you’ve created, processes you’ve improved, etc.

Handle the application

It is relatively straightforward to apply for an Amazon Internship A resume is the most important asset since the company does not accept cover letters.

You will also be asked for basic information (address, e-mail, phone number, etc.) in addition to uploading a resume. Your experience may be questioned supplemental/clarifyingly depending on the position.

Select your preferred location if you are asked to do so. You may have different options based on the program. Some of the more popular offices in the United States are California, Washington, DC, San Diego, and Seattle.

Considering how many resumes Amazon receives, they cannot respond to every application. You’ll only hear from the company if they’re interested in moving forward with your application. 

amazon internship

Answer questions about behaviour

In behavioral evaluations, customers are often asked to describe incidents in which they have.

Even candidates that are seeking technical roles are asked these questions, even though they may appear irritating. By collecting this information, Amazon Internship learns more about your personality, values, and work habits. You are assessed by what kind of employee you will be.

You must be able to answer these questions effectively due to their importance. STAR is the method Amazon Internship recommends interviewees follow when structuring their responses.

Always practice, always practice

A good question is important to practice. In addition to the insights provided above in the behavioral article, how does the author address technical questions? During the interview, Amazon has an entire webpage dedicated to software development topics.

Along with practicing the right questions, you should also work on your communication skills. A clear sense of problem-solving ability, structured thinking, and confidence are all traits interviewers look for. Additionally, they want data-driven answers and to be familiar with Amazon’s Internship leadership principles (which will be covered shortly). Consider doing a mock interview with an industry friend in order to practice your interview skills. Alternatively, ask someone familiar with your field to provide you with valuable feedback during a mock interview with Condor.

Understanding the company's culture

It is expected that interns as well as senior leaders live by Amazon’s Internship 14 leadership principles. Every product, service, and evolution of Amazon technology is based on the customer-centric principle.

It’s important to know all 14 of the principles in order to succeed in your role. Nevertheless, you should choose a few favorites based both on principle (what you find most appealing) and their relevance to your career. Discover each principle here.

The peculiarity is yet another cultural element that Amazon Internship values. As a non-traditional company, they are seeking employees who will stand out among the crowd. In other words, what makes you unique do you bring to the table that other people do not?


Virtually and within a tight deadline, these are completed. Assessments are sometimes sent along with applications for some positions. For others, it is a necessary step before they can actually converse with Amazonians. According to Amazon Internship, these tests are designed to “understand you better” and to “measure key characteristics needed for success.” you will be asked to take two types of tests:

The Work Style Assessment (10-20 minutes):

involves choosing statements that reflect your preferred work style. Prior to taking these assessments, understand Amazon’s culture and leadership principles. These are the themes Amazon looks for. They state on their website:

Working on a work sample simulation (20-60 minutes):

will allow you to demonstrate your ability to perform specific duties for the role you are applying for. During the interview, you may be asked to make business decisions or show skills that will be critical to your success at the company.

It is not necessary (or recommended) to prepare in advance for most roles. Only one exception is listed: software development engineer amazon internship should have knowledge of these topics.

✔️ The next step is to find out if you have been selected to interview. In the application portal, you can see whether you were selected or rejected.

(1-2 rounds) Phone/Virtual Interview

A single interview may be conducted (typically with HR), while two may be conducted (one with HR and one with a member of the prospective team). You will be informed beforehand if there will be behavioral, technical, or role-specific exercises during this interview (which you will be prepared for).

Follow the interview preparation tips for Amazon Internship above when answering behavioral questions.

You can expect… for interviews with SDEs.

  • Let me know a bit about you (i.e., Tell me what you do).
  • Technical knowledge test (i.e., What is TCP?)
  • A few simples to moderately complex technical questions. The list of topics related to software development and data structures and algorithms

✔️ Your next step is to be contacted within two days after you’ve completed the interview round. Amazon Internship tries to get back to applicants within two days after the interview round.

(4-6 rounds in person)

To date, the Amazon Internship interview process remains digital due to the use of Covid-19. However, under normal circumstances, this final round would be conducted at an Amazon office.

This is the structure

You will have different interview experiences depending on the position for which you are applying. Amazon’s leadership principles, your background and skillset, and your potential for growth are all factors that are discussed during your behavioral interview.

In person interviews will likely require interviewees to whiteboard and prepare role-specific exercises. You can read the software development topics or other guides Amazon internship provides before the final round (also applicable for other tech roles, like machine learning). An exercise specific to the role will be notified to you before the interview. 

A bar raiser

You may meet with teammates, managers, human resource representatives, and more throughout the day. A “bar raiser” will always be present when you speak. This Amazon Internship is well-trained in interviewing and the manner in which to conduct interviews. It is their responsibility to determine whether you will follow current best practices or innovate and make improvements. 

The interviewer is usually the last one you speak to, even if you don’t know who they are. A large part of the process will include assessing your user empathy, company passion, and problem-solving abilities. 

Every individual has a unique experience

During the summer, interns are responsible for their projects from start to finish. Various intern projects are conducted by different teams and programs, but overall, they are considered meaningful and impactful for the organization. The following examples are provided by Amazon on their website:

  • Training: – We offer formal and informal training, as well as “self-service” resources. It is essential to provide interns with these resources since they are encouraged to be responsible for their own development. They teach essential skills for success at Amazon and are highly recommended.
  • Mentorship: – Amazon Internship places a high value on mentorship. As an intern, you are assigned a mentor and a manager, who can provide guidance, feedback, as well as career guidance. Several team blind posts indicate that mentors are not as effective as they should be. Others disagree that they are helpful. According to an intern, they only provide instruction “to dive deeper (and) show independence”. 
  • Evaluation: – Be prepared to be closely scrutinized no matter who is on your project team. “The Amazon internship itself is like a 3-month long interview,” says a current employee on Team Blind. According to Amazon’s Inmternship website, interns are evaluated on the basis of their performance, deliverables, and skills related to their roles and roles with the company. A formal evaluation will follow your internship, based on regular feedback from team members & mentors.

"Frugal" culture is coming

Besides your professional experience, your housing, food, and transportation needs will also be taken care of. There won’t be as many benefits as with other FAANG companies, however. During your  Amazon internship, you won’t receive free meals on a regular basis–only during intern activities. There is also little point in going to the office gym, taking whirlwind trips around the world, or going out on an extravagant adventure.

Employee perks revolve around professional development. A number of self-service resources, in-person networking events, and team meals are always available to users. Ex-interns see “speed networking” and “women’s lunch” as excellent methods of meeting others.

It is possible to get hired full-time

Getting an Amazon Internship return offer isn’t all that difficult, according to Team Blind employees.

In spite of this, many interns pursue their own interests. Many of them move on to work for companies like Google or Facebook. You can also choose to join the Fortune 500, start your own business, or go the startup route.

A career at Amazon Internship is excellent no matter what you choose as an internship. It has lots of opportunities for professional growth, as well as doors to other prestigious jobs.

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