IPL 2021 – latest Business Model & ultimate detailed Case Study

IPL 2021

History of IPL

IPL 2021 – The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is governing and controlling the cricket game in India. The board was formed in December 1928, and Registered under Tamil Nadu Registration Act, 1926. The member of International Cricket Council [ICC] has the right to choose the Umpire, Player and official event to control over them. The Indian Premier League is a T20 Cricket launched by BCCI with the inspire of Football English Premier League [EPL] and promoted by BCCI.

IPL 2021

Birth of Indian Premier League IPL

An idea from the Test Cricket in 18th Century, Cricket has seen a lot of changes over a period such as Five Day Test Matches Sixty over One day International [ODI], Fifty over ODI, and the introduction of colored dress and white ball and twenty over matches. Among all these changes, T20 has catching all the crowd which famous all over the world and the IPL is the most famous cricket league in the world and also the turnover.
Lalit Modi convince the BCCI to backed ICC and supported T20 tournament, which we are popularly known as IPL. Andrew Wild blood of the International Management Group [IMG], a company with a vast experience in the whole cricket of sports management wanted to energize Indian domestic game. It has decided that its time the vision become reality in 2008 by BCCI and it will be managed by IMG.


The Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) is a miracle change in the cricket world. We have experience the more change in the game of cricket after the evolution of new concept in the form of T20 cricket. Lalit Modi is the man who give her efforts to change the way in cricket.
Business controversy is the situation where the new trend in the market covers up the entire field and establishes itself as a new brand in a very short span of time affecting the existing ones directly or indirectly. Hence, IPL is the world cricket most famous league and also number one as compare to financial growth.
The Reasons for IPL as a Business Controversy;

IPL 2021
  1. It penetrat the entertainment industry as ”Manoranjan Ka Baap. It provides something hugely (entertaining) than the Sass Bahu Serials.
  2. Every association is benefit from the IPL.
  3. Market share of sponsors have make a good result.
  4. Restaurant in Metros have experience the growth in orders for their food products.
  5. Sony Entertainment Television has purchase the ten years of rights and the tremendous growth in TRP over all the T.V channels.
  6. “After”seeing the growth of IPL Pakistan cricket board are planning to open their own league.
  7. It changes the way to showing the cricket world.
  8. IPL has got the huge media coverages.
  9. IPL 2021 is a big dream which has involved huge amount of money and intellectual capital.
  10. The media controversies with other cricket board like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England for signing their players and county cricket

Marketing Management of IPL 2021

The service product for cricket fans. It has provided the best experience to the cricket crazy fans. Not only the Indians but also all over the world IPL 2021 is the best example to learn the marketing as it has not missed a single mode of promoting and positioning. IPL 2021

  1. Auctioning the franchises: The first step of giving franchise to some big guns in India like Mukesh Ambani, Shahrukh Khan, Vijay Mallya and other which catches the huge public attention.
  2. Auctioning the foreign and Indian players participating in the IPL tournament: BCCI has not made any marketing strategy go down they announced the price for players by asking a bid by some sponsors. Players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, David Warner, Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli, AB Devillier and more called for a huge amount.
  3. Cheerleaders: One fact cannot deny that cheerleaders are one of the most important factors that influencing the people or attract the people to come and watch the game.
  4. Live Telecast: The broadcasting rights were given to various TV channels across the world.
  5. Location: The venue selected for the games are the cities of which the franchise is named after the first season of IPL are switched in South Africa in 2009 due to the general election in India and the security concern, And now it held in where the franchise just like CSK playing in some game of Chennai and RCB playing some game in Bangalore.
  6. Read this article for knowing why mostly startups fail

Production Management of IPL – 2021

  • The IPL 2021 is a concept of sale product. The production of IPL as a service product by the meter volume of the production of revenue from every side of the game.
  • Players, Team and every small aspect related to IPL has become a product of its own.
  • Materials for stadium, Players, facilities arrangement for players, spectators, Guests etc.transportation management and activities require a proper management and the BCCI made all the efforts to provide the best facilities to everyone from spectators to players and also the third parties are involved.

  • Timing: The time selecting in the evening so that the people can have a great entertainment after the office timing and experience in the offices.
  • The Competitors: The ICL has been one of the reasons’ fir the publicity and emergence of IPL. People started comparing the IPL and ICL that obvious the huge publicity for the IPL. The other competitors of IPL are ECC Domestic T20, Stanford T20 cup (Caribbean) and Australian Domestic T20 cup.
  • Franchisee Owners: The franchise are taken by the same film stars like Shahrukh Khan, Pretty Zinta, Juhi Chawla, Shilpa Setty Kundra, Vijay Mallya, Mukesh Ambani etc. Those are also the attraction for the IPL.
  • Ceremonies: The opening and the closing ceremonies are always held with the presenting the Chennai and Mumbai match, Sahara IPL Awards nights and the IPL 2021 held the parties after the matches finishes.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Use of some models and Bollywood stars for anchoring and promotion of team. For example Shahrukh Khan for Kolkata Knight Riders, Deepika Padukone and katrina Kaif for Royal Challenger Bangalore, Hrithik Roshan for Mumbai Indians, Akshay Kumar for Delhi Daredevils, Shilpa Setty for Rajasthan Royals, Preitty Zinta for King Punjab.

Financial Management of IPL 2021

  • The Board of Control for Cricket in India [BCCI] has dicided the financial decision and the investment that are required a powerful financial planning.
  • The return on investment [ROI] calculate to give the proper idea for the financial planning IPL has collected the huge money through sponsorships to the teams and players, telecasting rights, advertisement banner and hoardings and other activities.
  • The small aspect related to the IPL 2021 has become the problem for IPL 2021 and loses the money. This requires the management funds coming in and going out, analysis of rise and fall in actual revenue and expected revenue. Further, planning for funds and budgeting.
  • Allocation of the funds to franchise and players, payment of wages, etc.are the financial activities. The activities fall under the Central Pool, 40% which will go to IPL, 54% distribution to franchise and 6% to prize money and it will vary according to revenue.
  • The money will be distribution in the proportion till 2022. After which the share of IPL will be 50% franchise 45% and prize money 5%.

Marketing Mix of IPL 2021

IPL 2021


  • The 8 teams are played to form the product.
  • Teams having different states but same country and as well as international players from different country like New Zealand, Austrelia, England and South Africa and so on.
  • Players are the main part of the product.
  • Promotion:-
  • Advertisement across various media platforms.
  • Pitch the tournament as entertainment option rather than just a spot.
  • IPL Ads through different channels during breaks.


  • The Event has teams from different regions in the country.
  • Team creating passion around the city a particular team represents.
  • Price [Revenues and Expenses]
  • Revenues:- Central [Media Rights, Sponsorship rights]
  • Local [Sponsorship, Gate receipts/Ticket sales]
  • Expenses:- Central [Team Franchising, Player costs and Marketing costs]
  • Local [Stadium expenses, other like administration and event management expenses].

It leads the Rohit Sharma, Mukesh Ambani is the owner of the team and 100% share. Mumbai Indians is the most successful team in the IPL. They win five times in the IPL history.Samsung and Colors TV

Principal SponsoredSamsung and Colours T.V
Associate SponsoredJio, Marriott Bonvoy, Astral Pipes
Officials SponsorsDairy Milk, USHA, Dream 11, BKT, MakeMyTrip, Kotak, Myntra, Kingfishers Calendars, Colgate, ESA, DNA Networks, Fever 104 FM, Williom Lawson’s Music CDs, Boat, Mai Dubai and Radio City 91.1 FM.
Mumbai Indians IPL 2021
Gross Salary7,944,938,150
FounderMukesh Ambani and Neeta Ambani (Relaince Industries)
Home GroundWankhede stadium
IPL wins2013,2015,2017,2019 and 2020

It is lead by MS Dhoni which we all know as the most successful captain in indian cricket. The team is owned by the indian cements. In 2015, The franchisee was transferred to the Chennai Super Kings Cricket Limited. CSK wins three times IPL titles.

Principal SponsoredIndian Cement, Gulf, British Empire, The Muthoot Group, Nippon Paint, Clear Shampoo and Jio
Radio PartnerHello Partner and Fever F.M
Associate SponsoredBKT, Mai Dubai, Equitas, EUME and Dream 11
Digital PartnerFast & Up, NOVA, iB Cricket, FanPlay loT, and Lupisaf
Merchandise Partner The Souled Store, Muthoot Precious Metals Corporation, Levista, Sonata, SEVEN Kaadoo, Boat, Lillipution Hub, NAC Jewellers, ASAP, Cover It Up, and Nashaer Miles
Chennai Super Kings IPL 2021
Chennai Super Kings
Gross Salary6,744,397,500
FounderChennnai Super king Cricket Ltd
Home GroundM.A Chidambaram stadium
IPL wins2010,2011,2018

:- It is lead by Indian captain Virat Kohli and it is owned by United Spirits Limited and a Diegeo Group Company. The team has not able to win one match but the value of this team is more than other team.

Principal Sponsored MPL, MAX Life Insurance, Lifebuoy and Astral Pipes
Associate SponsoredNuvoco, Exide, DP World, Jio and Myntr
Officials SponsorsWrogn, EUME, DNA Network, Royal Challanger Sports Drink, iB Cricket, Dark Fantasy, MILO, MakeMyTrip, Kingfisher Calenders, Dava India, Optimum Nutrition, Swiggy Instamart, Rainbow Milk, Mai Dubai, NVY and MediBuddy
Royal Challenge Bangalore
Royal Challenge Bangalore
Gross Salary8,218,575,500
FounderUnited Spirits
Home GroundM. Chinnaswamy Stadium
IPL winsNil

It is lead by Rishabh Pant due to the injury of Shreyas Iyyer. It is jointly owned by JSW Group and this team has not been able to win one title.

Principal SponsoredAPL Apollo Steel Pipes, EbixCash and JSW Group
Associate SponsoredNuvoco, Exide, DP World, Jio and Myntr
Other SponsorsOkCridit, Bodycare, Nissan, BKT, Boat, Coca Cola, Dream 11, FanCode Shop, Acko, Colgate and Livinguard
Delhi Capitals
Delhi Capitals
Delhi Capitals
Gross Salary7,402,072,422
FounderGMR Group and JSW Group
Home GroundFeroz Shah Kotla Ground, New Delhi
IPL winsNil

It is lead by Eoin Morgan and the team is owned by Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and his husband Jay Mehta. This team is won the tournament for two times in the IPL history

Principal Sponsored(MPL) Mobile Premier Leaguep
Merchandise SponsoredFanhood, Gully, The Souled Store, Cricfig, Suniti Industries Limited and Boat
Official PArtner iB Cricket, Mai Dubai, Kingfisher Calander and BKT
Official SponsorsLux Cozi, Royal Stage Music Cds, Colgate, Greenply, Medimix, Bharatvarsh, Jio, TV9 and Astral Pipes
Kolkata Knight Riders
Kolkata Knight Riders
Gross Salary7,692,973,650
FounderShahrukh khan, Juhi chawla and her husband
Home GroundEden Garden Kolkata
IPL wins2012, 2014

:- It is lead by KL Rahul, the team is owned by Mohit Burman and the director and promoter of Dabur India Limited. The managing director are Preity Zinta founder of PZNZ and also actress, Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation, and the chairman are Apeejay Surrendra Group. This team has not been able to win one title.

Principal SponsoredRoyal Stage Music Cds, Boat, Dream 11, Fena detergent and jio
Title SponsoredEbixcash
Official PartnersColgate, Coca Cola, Kingfisher Premium, BKT, Stylam, FanCode Shop and T10 Sports
7. Rajasthan Royals:- It is lead by Sanju Samson before it is lead by Steve Smith and it is owned by Amisha Hathiramani of Tresco International Ltd, A major stakeholder is Emerging Media [IPL] Ltd, and Shane Warne a famous spinner of Austrelian cricketer. This team has won one tournament for the first year of the IPL 2008.
Official Sponsors BKT, Stylam, FanCode Shop and T10 Sports
Kings 11 Punjab Kings
Kings 11 Punjab Kings
Kings 11 Punjab Kings
Gross Salary6,865,617,543
FounderKPH Dream Cricket Private Ltd
Home GroundPCA Stadium, Mohali
IPL winsNil

It is lead by Sanju Samson before it is lead by Steve Smith and it is owned by Amisha Hathiramani of Tresco International Ltd, A major stakeholder is Emerging Media [IPL] Ltd, and Shane Warne a famous spinner of Austrelian cricketer. This team has won one tournament for the first year of the IPL 2008.

Principal SponsoredApis Honey KEI Wires&Cables, Jio, TV9 Bharatvarsh and Nine Sabitary Napkins
Media Partners:- Big FM 92.7 and UAE City 1016
Associated SponsoredBigBasket, Alics and Colgate
Official Partner iB Cricket, Mai Dubai, Kingfisher Calander and BKT
Official SponsorsLux Cozi, Royal Stage Music Cds, Colgate, Greenply, Medimix, Bharatvarsh, Jio, TV9 and Astral Pipes
Rajasthan Royals
Rajasthan Royals IPL 2021
Rajasthan Royals
Gross Salary5,242,929,950
FounderManoj Badale
Home GroundSawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
IPL wins2008

It is lead by David Warner and it is owned by Klanithi Marab of the Sun TV Network. This team has won one IPL Trophy

Principal Sponsored Valvoline, Jio, TCL, Dream 11, Nerolac and Ralco Tyres
Title SponsoredJK Lakshmi Cement
Official PartnersFanCode Shop, Tenali Double Horse, Mai Dubai, Tyka and iB Cricket.
Official SponsorsFanCode Shop, Tenali Double Horse, Mai Dubai, Tyka and iB Cricket.
Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL 2021
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Sunrises Hyderabad
Gross Salary5,566,772,800
FounderKalanithi Maran, (Sun Group)
Home GroundRajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad
IPL wins2016

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