Nasdaq vs NYSE – world Largest Stock exchange 2021

nasdaq vs nyse

Nasdaq vs Nyse(New york stock exchange)both are the American stock exchange based in New York and, well known in the trading sector for providing a high-end stock trading platform where stock brokers and traders buy and sell securities such as stock, share, bond, Mutual funds, and some other financial instruments. However, Nyse is the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies US $26.2 Trillion as of Feb 2021. On the other hand, NASDAQ is the second-largest stock exchange after Nyse(New york stock exchange) by market capitalization of US $19.4 Trillion. Moreover, Nyse owned and operated by an American holding company, Intercontinental exchange; however, NASDAQ is owned and operated by Nasdaq, Inc.

Comparison based on formation Nasdaq vs Nyse

BasisNASDAQNYSE ( New York Stock Exchange)
TypeStock ExchangeStock Exchange
FoundedFebruary 8, 1971May 17, 1792
No. of listed companies24002800
OwnerNasdaq.IncIntercontinental Exchange
Key peopleAdena Friedman (CEO)[1]
Jeffrey Sprecher (Chairman) Betty Lui (Executive Vice chairman) Stacey Cunninggham (President)
LocationNew York City, U.S
New York City, U.S
Market cap$19.4 trillion (2021)$26.2 Trillion

CurrencyUnited State DollarUnited State Dollar
IndicesNasdaq-100 NASDAQ Financial-100 Nasdaq CompositeDow Jones Industrial Average S&P 500 NYSE Composite
Opening & Closing bell

Average Trading days

Full formNational Association Securities Dealers Automated QuotationThe New York Stock Exchange

History of NYSE

Nasdaq vs NYSE - The world's Largest Stock exchanges 2021

NSYE is an American stock Exchange based in Wall Street, New York. It was founded on 17 May 1792. signing by twenty-four brokers on the buttonwood agreement, which set a floor commission rate charged to the clients and sale the securities. In the early days of the NYSE, the securities traded were mostly Government securities such as war bonds of the revolutionary war and the first bank of the united states stocks. However, the bank of New York was the first Non-Governmental security that traded in the early days. Bank of New York, along with a bank of North America, was the first shares traded on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and NSYE is the world’s Largest Stock exchange 2021.

Fact about NYSE (New York Stock Exchange)

In 1817, the stockbroker of New York, operating under the buttonwood agreement, instituted new reform and recognized it. After observation, that organization of their board of brokers, manipulative and restriction trading practices were adopted, and formal interference of governance. Further reforming the New York stock and exchange board, the broker organization began renting out official security trading. Before renting out space, the trade had been taking place at the tontine coffee house. NYSE used several locations between 1817 to 1865 when the present location was adopted. In 1864 a competitor came into the market called The Open Board of Stock Brokers. It was established in 1864 with 364 members, and it used the more modern, continuous trading system, which is superior to the NYSE trading system.

Further in 1869, The Open Board of Stock Brokers Merged with NYSE. However, it increases the NYSE’s members but also increases its trading volume. On 29 October 2012, the stock exchange was shut down for two days due to Hurricane Sandy. And on May 2014, the stock exchange was fined $4.5 Million due to a violation of market rules by the Securities and Exchange.

NASDAQ History

nasdaq vs nyse

NASDAQ is an American-based Stock Exchange located in New York City. It is the second-largest stock exchange in the world after NYSE. However, it was founded on February 8, 1971, just 50 years ago, and the interesting thing is that now its become the second-largest stock exchange. It was founded by the National Association of securities dealers, now known as the Financial Industry Regulatory authority. Nasdaq was initially an acronym for the National Association of securities dealers’ automated quotations. On 8 February 1971 starts its operations as the world’s first electronic stock market. Initially, it was merely a quotation system and did not provide a way to perform electronic trades. The Nasdaq stock market helped the Buyers and sellers lower the Bidask Spread, but brokers didn’t like it because it reduces their profit margin.

Facts about NASDAQ

As of late 1987, the NASDAQ was known as OTC (over the counter) in media reports and the monthly Stock Guides issued by Standard & Poor corporation. Further, the growth of NASDAQ increases year by year in both trade volume and the automated trading system. In 1981 Nasdaq reported as it traded 37% of the U.S securities market total of 21 billion shares; by the end of 1991, NASDAQ’s share had grown to 46%. Further, in 1992 the NAS stock market merges with the London Stock exchange to form the first intercontinental linkage of the capital market. Moreover, in 1998 it Became the first stock exchange in the United States that traded online, and this thing is also attracting many companies during the Dot-com bubble.

Nasdaq vs Nyse – world largest stock exchange 2021

nasdaq vs nyse

Features of NASDAQ

  • The NYSE Lead the stock market in market capitalization
  • The Buyers and Sellers trade directly by comparing the prices of Bid and Ask prices
  • NYSE the company must have issued a minimum of 1,100,000 shares to 400 shareholders at least
  • The market value of the company Public shares be minimum of $40 million with $4 being the minimum share price

Features of NSYE (New York Stock Exchange)

  • The NASDAQ is the leader when it comes to market share and the share volume traded
  • The Buyers and Sellers Transact through a dealer
  • The company must have publicly traded at least 1,250,000 shares, with a minimum Bid price of $4
  • In NASDAQ, the company must have a minimum of three dealers for its stocks
  • The entry fee for a company to be listed on NASDAQ is from $50,000 to $75,000

List of top NASDAQ 100 companies with their market cap

CompaniesMarket Cap in USD
Apple Inc. (AAPL)$2.18, Trillion
Microsoft Corp.(MICRO)$1.95, Trillion Inc.(AMZN)$1.76, Trillion
Alphabet (GOOGL)$1.67, Trillion
Facebook (FB)$934, Billion
Nio Limited (NIO)$769, Billion
Nikola (NKLA)$650.2, Billion
Tesla (TSLA)600.5, Billion
Nvidia (NVDA)$464, Billion
Ebay Inc (EBAY)$431, Billion

List of top NYSE 100 companies with their market cap

CompaniesMarket Cap in USD
Berkshire Hathway$626.6 Billion
Alibaba Group Holding$575 Billion
Visa$491.4 Billion
JP Morgan Chase & Co$447.8 Billion
Johnson & Johnson$426.6 Billion
Walmart$378.8 Billion
Mastercard$364.6 Billion
Proctor & Gamble$332.3 Billion
Bank of America Corporation$332.3 Billion
Exxon Mobil Corporation$255.7 Billion

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