New Startup ideas in India 2021 – Business Ideas

Startup ideas in India

Startup ideas in India – If you are thinking of starting a startup in 2021 so it’s difficult to find out a great idea. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about how people consume products and services. So, we are here to solve your most critical problem in finding out the right idea with our new startup ideas list. In this list, you see the 5 amazing startup ideas that you can start in India. These ideas are obtained after deep research and conducting some surveys. In this list, you see the full information about the ideas, Business Model, Initial investment, Marketing strategy, scope, and steps of how to start these startup ideas.

Startup ideas in India
  • So, Choose a business idea that are More demanding in your city and solve a problem of your market.
  • If want to start a futuristic business so this idea is amazing for you and it helps in creating a better future. After reading this article you will easily understand how the idea is useful for you in short.

EV CHARGING STATION – Startup ideas in India

An electrical vehicle charging station is known as EV Station or EV charging Point. Nowadays the demand for electrical Vehicles is highly rising and the future for an electrical vehicle is looking so good because it reduces the cost of traveling and also it doesn’t pollute the environment. TESLA MOTORS is one of the biggest players in this EV Revolution. However, in India, All the Big companies like TATA, Mahindra, OLA Electric Moreover some other companies start their Electrical vehicle production with aim of the EV revolution. So, In the Upcoming days, the demand for EV stations will be highly rising because All EV Vehicles need a Public Place Charging point. So, it’s a great opportunity for those who have some land and investment.

EV CHARGING STATION - Startup ideas in India


In India, there is a Bangalore-based Startup That Provides fully automatic EV station charging Machines And installation & setup with all Services & insurance its similar to a franchise of EV stations. EV CHARGING STATION – Startup ideas in India

Statiq work on two different type of model

  1. Full ownership – In this Model, All Investment is done by The Property owner stain provide only installation & setup the changing machines on the Land Property owner basically in this model all expenditure will be bear by the landowner. two parties are involved in this model.
  • Company – Satiq install & set up the charging machines and charge fees for their services to the landowner
  • Landowner – Meanwhile, Landowner pays for the EV machine and provides Land.
  1. Partial ownership – In this Model statiq install & set up charging machine and provide Land also with the help of 3rd party. In other words, you need only investment. In this model, three-party are involved.
  • -Statiq – this is the company that provide the EV charging machine, Installation & setup services
  • -Investor – This is the person who pays for EV machine fees
  • Land owner this person provide the land where the EV station are formed.

Statiq EV charger Prices

Statiq provide two types of charger

1 fast charger for commercial use (charge 4 wheeler in Approx 40 Min) cost 10 lAKHS

2. normal charger for personal use (charge 4 wheeler in Approx 8 HOURS) COST 700000

BasisNormal ChargerFast Charger
Price7000010 Lakh
Charging time8 hours40 min
Use forPersonal useCommercial use

Cloud kitchen – startup ideas in India

Cloud kitchen is a modern concept for an E-Restaurant that allows only pick and drop services. It a professional set up of food preparation and cooking facilities for only delivering services. Cloud kitchen has allowed only delivering services it has no dining they do not allow Indore seating for customers. A cloud kitchen does not require a big and highly footfall location. It can set up only 250-300 sq ft (27.87 m²) space you also can start a cloud kitchen from your home it brings down the cost of dining, furniture, waiter, manager, and cleaner So this Cutting can help kitchen focus on better quality food.

Cloud kitchen - Startup ideas in India

Scope of cloud kitchen (Startup ideas in India)

In India food and beverage industry are boundless. It is the 3rd largest service sector, 20x times the movie industry, 3.x times the hotel industry 1.5x time from the pharmacy, and due to covid 19 most of the customer want to order food online. Industry According to a Report, a traditional restaurant serves 15 orders per hour on average while a cloud kitchen does 60 orders per hour. Normally restaurant takes 3 plus years to recover its operational investment while a cloud kitchen recovers its investment in lea than 1 year.

Cloud kitchen – Startup ideas in India

Cloud kitchen Business model
Steps of How to start a cloud kitchen
  1. Firstly you need a 200-300 sq ft (27.87 m²) space for the kitchen.
  2. A multi-specialist chef for cooking the food According to the order
  3. Some small Investment for equipment like – oven, gas, fridge, etc
  4. A website for accepting online orders or you may contact delivery partners like zomato and swiggy
  5. start your pick and drop services directly from your kitchen

E-market website model

The E-commerce revolution transformed the way of shopping in the whole world. Theerefore India E-commerce market $38.5B in 2017 it is expected to reach $200B by 2026. This growth rate is based on the number of internet users in India the no. of internet users as of Sep 2020.

E-market website model

Scope of E commerce (Startup ideas in India)

The Indian online grocery market is $1.9 BILLION IN 2019 and is estimated to reach $18.2 billion from the year 2024. India’s e-commerce order volume increased by 36% in the last quarter of 2020, with the personal care, beauty, wellness segment, and mobile accessories. The Indian e-commerce market is expected to expand by $200 billion by 2026. Due to lock-down the drive to high and it Makes a change in the behavior of consumers.

3 parties are involved in this e-commerce Model 3 parties are involved

  • 1 Firstly a e-commerce website company who offers and accept the orders online
  • 2 Retailers/wholesalers that provide the products
  • 3 And in last a Delivery chain that help in delivery on doorstep of consumer

Business model

In this model mainly three parties are involved firstly you need an e-commerce website where you list the product of Wholesalers and retailers further you need to make a delivery chain (you can make contact with swiggy and zomato delivery boys) if a customer place an order through your website then the delivery boy pick that the product from the wholesaler/
retailer and drop on the Doorstep of the customer so, you make a contract with wholesalers and retailers for product pricing and availability.


  • In this model, you can earn by charging a commission on products
  • You also earn through Google ads
  • If the local traffic on your website is sufficient then you start local advertisements on your site and In addition, you can charge a good amount.

E – Mobile repairing services

The Mobile phone industry has been Extremely Expanding and growing Both in market share and models and suppliers. However, the global demand for smartphones is also rapidly increased since 2008. In late 2008 the first Android version was launched and people love to use smartphones However, now we can say that people are addicted to using the Smartphone. It is the amazing Startup ideas in India

E – Mobile repairing services

Scope of Mobile Market

The global Smartphone sale value is $409 Billion. The global yearly smartphone unit sales to end-user 2020 1.38 Billion. The smartphone penetration rate is still risen 38% of the world population owned a smartphone in 2018 and it reaches 46.5 percent in 2020. By forecasting, it is estimated that almost 87% percent of the population uses smartphones.

E - Mobile repairing business model

Steps of How to start E mobile repairing services

  1. Firstly you need a website where people place orders for repairing service and some other phone accessories.
  2. A technician with a toolkit repairs the phone at the doorstep of the customer.
  3. The stock of important parts of phones for ease of availability
  4. Start spreading awareness about your product through marketing.

Egg company Startup ideas in India

The egg is the rich source of protein so every person needs to consume the good quality eggs, However, in the market none of the big company that provides the eggs. If you are living in a metro city so this is a great opportunity for you. You can easily target your potential consumer by providing big and premium quality eggs with attractive packaging you also attract customers by Explaining the Benefits of eating company eggs.

Egg company Startup ideas in India

Scope of Egg Market

The global egg market is expected to grow from $213.13 Billion in 2020 to $227.39 in 2021 and it has expected to reach $297.47 billion in 2025 at CARG of 7%., the Asia Pacific was the most important region within the global egg market, Accounting for 64% of the market in 2020. And North America was the second-largest for 14% of the global market. The Middle East was the smallest region for the egg market. The egg/food Market increases year by year. So, it has great a great scope and there is no competitor in the market. It is also a great Startup ideas in India.

MARKETING – How to differentiate your egg from a normal egg

A premium quality egg is easily differentiated by its size, shape, quality, and also it is packaging in the market all types of eggs are mixed in a pack of egg without any branding. Through marketing, you can easily create the demand for your product.

Steps of How to start a Egg company

  1. Firstly Decide on a brand name and logo
  2. After that Contact some poultry farms and purchase only big and good quality eggs for your firm.
  3. Contract with a packaging firm that can pack your eggs in an attractive pack
  4. Start spreading awareness about your product benefits through marketing and branding
  5. Make a long-lasting distribution chain.
  6. This is the amazing Startup ideas in India

In conclusion

These Startup ideas in India are obtained after deep research and conducting some surveys. In this list, you see the full information about the ideas, Business Model, Initial investment, Marketing strategy, scope, and steps of how to start these startup ideas.

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