Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants In America – Revenue, Market Capital & More Details

Top 10 fast Food resturants

List of Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants in this blog post, we have actually listed several of the leading Fast Food Restaurants worldwide. The fast-food sector isn’t what used to be a century or even two decades earlier.

Food Company Restaurant has actually gone worldwide prominent. They currently manage trillions of US dollars in earnings as well as utilize millions of friendliness graduates across the globe.

As younger generations continue to drive the market forward because of high need, the worldwide Food Company Restaurant industry remains to thrive. By 2027, the global fast-food industry is expected to generate 570 billion dollars and grow at a CAGR of 5.1%. This enormous development is led by the leading 10 largest fast-food chains on the planet regularly boosting earnings and market efficiency with outstanding sales of their items.

At the leading edge of the advancing Food Company Restaurants are several of the top junk food chains on the planet recognized for their branding and also preferred menu products recognized all over the globe. Starbucks blazes a trail as the largest convenience

At the leading edge of the advancing Food Company Restaurants are several of the top junk food chains on the planet recognized for their branding and also preferred menu products recognized all over the globe. Starbucks blazes a trail as the largest convenience on the planet by profits McDonald’s and also Metro are number 2 and also 3 ranked fast-food dining establishments in regards to revenue. We will analyze the top 10 Fast Food Restaurants worldwide by both profits and market capitalization in this article. 

on the planet by profits McDonald’s and also Metro are number 2 and also 3 ranked fast-food dining establishments in regards to revenue. We will analyse the top 10 fast-food chains worldwide by both profits and market capitalization in this article. 

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Below are some vital takeaways that will be talked about in the post:

  • What is the largest Fast Food Restaurant on the planet by profits?
  • What are the leading convenience food chains by market capitalization?
  • Junk food industry stats and also trends you should recognize in 2020

Top 10 Largest Fast Food Restaurants on the planet by Earnings

Fast Food Restaurants are very popular all over the world. What is the largest chain in the world? The following is a list of the top 10 fast-food chains on the planet placed by their annual earnings.


Starbucks fast food resturant

What are the biggest fast Food Restaurants in the world? Starbucks is the largest junk food chain worldwide in 2020- creating USD 26.5 billion in earnings in 2015Seattle is the headquarters of Starbucks Corporation, an American multinational coffee chain, and roastery. Starbucks is the globe’s largest coffeehouse chain and also targets quality-minded coffee enthusiasts with hand-made coffee based upon lighter roasts.

There is coffee from whole beans, micro-ground coffee, hot drinks at Starbucks instantaneous coffee called VIA, coffee, cafe cappuccino, full- as well as loose-leaf teas consisting of Teavana tea products, Development Fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, La Boulange pastries, and also treats consisting of products such as chips as well as crackers. Starbucks also has some offerings that are seasonal or details to the locality of the shop– such as the ever-famous Pumpkin Seasoning Latte. Starbucks locations are company-owned as it does not follow a franchise business design.

FoundersGordon Bowker, Zev Siegl & Jerry Baldwin
HeadquarterSeattle, Washington, U.S.A.
Market CapitalUSD 88.09 billion
No. of stores28,218

Starbucks Top Menu Products

  • Tea: Teavana, Tazo
  • Coffee: iced coffee, nitro chilly brew, dark roasts, light roasts
  • Coffee machine: Starbucks Verismo
  • Pre-packaged foods



Ranking 2nd on BizVibe’s checklist of the top 10 Fast Food Restaurants worldwide placed by profits is McDonald’s. McDonald’s ranked second in terms of profits worldwide in 2020 and earned USD 21.07 billion last year. McDonald’s Company is an American Fast Food Restaurants business, established in 1940 in San Bernardino, California, USA. Across 37,855 restaurants in over 100 countries, McDonald’s serves 69 million customers each day. McDonald’s junk food products are primarily hamburgers, poultry products, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes or smoothies, covers, as well as desserts.

Some of the most noteworthy things consist of the Large Mac, Poultry McNuggets, and also McChicken. McDonald’s revenue is derived from the rent, royalties, fees, and sales from franchised restaurants, as well as from its restaurants operated by the company. McDonald’s is the globe’s second-largest personal company with 1.7 million staff members (behind Walmart with 2.3 million staff members). McDonald’s sort of restaurants includes McDrive, McCafé, “Create Your Preference” restaurants, Unique diet restaurants, Playgrounds, and also McDonald’s Next. According to market capitalization as of 2020, McDonald’s ranks third among convenience food chains. 

FounderRichard McDonald & Maurice McDonald
HeadquarterChicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Market CapitalUSD 122.9 billion
No. of Stores37,855

McDonald’s Top Products

  • Hamburgers: Large Mac, Quarter Pounders
  • Poultry: Chicken McNuggets, McChicken
  • French fries
  • Soft drinks
  • Milkshake or smoothies
  • Salads
  • Treats
  • Coffee
  • Breakfast covers


Ranking 3rd on BizVibe’s list of the leading 10 largest Fast Food Restaurants in the world is Train, an American independently held restaurant franchise business that mainly markets submarine sandwiches (subs) and also salads. The train is possessed as well as run by Physician’s Associates. The company doesn’t own a solitary area but accumulates 8% of income from each franchise business. There are much more Subway dining establishments (43,600 shops) than any other dining establishment on the planet in 2020. 

Sunway’s worldwide head office is in Milford, Connecticut, with 5 local facilities sustaining the business’s international operations. Starbucks is the largest single-brand dining establishment chain, as well as the largest restaurant driver, in the world. 

FounderFred Deluca & Peter Buck
HeadquarterBridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Market CapitalUSD 10.2 billion
No. of Stores43,600

Subway Top Products

  • Pizzas (some locations)
  • Submarine sandwiches
  • Salads

Yum China

yum China fast food resturant

Ranking 4th on BizVibe’s list of the leading Fast Food Restaurants on the planet is Yum China, an American Fortune 500 snack bar business integrated into the United States and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Yum China generated $8.41 billion in profits last year, ranking 4th among the top junk food chains. In addition to Huang Ji Huang, Yum China owns Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, East Dawning, Little Sheep, and Coffee & Happiness. 

CompanyYum China
FounderJoey Wat
HeadquarterShanghai, China
Market CapitalUSD 19.31 billion
No. of Stores8,484

Yum China Top Brands

  • KFC. – Pizza Hut
    • East Dawning
    • Little Lamb
    • Taco Bell
    • Huang Ji Huang

Yum! Brands

Fast Food Restaurants

Ranking 5th on this list of the leading 10 biggest Fast Food Restaurants worldwide is Yum! Brands, an American junk food corporation detailed on the Fortune 1000. Other than China, yum! is a leading global company that operates Taco Bell, KFC, Hamburger Grill, Pizza Hut, and Wing Street. where the divisions are operated by Yum China. In 2014 Yum! The brand has generated USD 5.59 billion by making it the fifth-biggest Fast Food Restaurants in the world by profits.

CompanyYum! Brands
FounderAndrall E. Pearson
HeadquarterLouisville, Kentucky, USA
Market CapitalUSD 20.6 billion
No. Stores43,617

Yum! Brands Top Brands

  • KFC (consisting of XL version)
  • Pizza Hut
  • Taco Bell
  • Wing Street
  • Banh Store (minority capitalist)
  • The Behaviour

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill was ranked 6th on our list of the top 10 biggest Fast Food Restaurants globally in 2015 with a profit of USD 5.58 billion. It specializes in tacos and Mission-style burritos, mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and France. Chipotle is one of the first chains of Fast Food Restaurants dining facilities, and also its primary competitors consist of Qdoba Mexican Grill, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Rubio’s Coastal Grill, and Baja Fresh.

CompanyChipotle Mexican Grill
FounderSteve Ells
HeadquarterNewport Coastline, The Golden State, USA
Market CapitalUSD 5.58 billion
No. of Stores2,622

Chipotle Top Menu Products

  • Burritos
  • Burrito bowls
  • Tacos
  • Quesadillas
  • Salads

Restaurant Brands International

Restaurant Brands International

 It is the 7th ranked on this checklist top 10 largest Fast Food Restaurants in the world This Restaurant Brands International, a Canadian-US multinational fast food holding firm was developed With the USD of 12.50 billion mergers between Burger King and the Canadian cafe company in 2014, Burger King became the largest Fast Food Restaurants in the world and also dining establishment chain Tim Hortons. The firm is majority-owned by the Brazilian investment company 3G Resources– formerly, the bulk proprietor of Burger King, with a 51% risk.

The business is openly traded on the New York City and also Toronto Stock Exchanges. In 2017, the business broadened and got Popeyes also. Restaurant Brands International created USD 5.35 billion in 2015, making it the 7th largest Fast Food Restaurants on the planet by income in 2020.

CompanyRestaurant Brands International
FounderDaniel Schwartz
HeadquarterToronto, Ontario, Canada
Market CapitalUSD 12 billion
No. of Stores25,744

Restaurant Brands International Top Brands

  • Hamburger King
  • Tim Hortons
  • Popeyes

Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza fast food restuarants

Domino’s Pizza rates 8th on this list of the leading Fast Food Restaurants in the world ranked by income in 2020. Domino’s Pizza earned USD 3.61 billion in 2014.- making it the 8th biggest Fast Food Restaurants in the world. Domino’s Pizza is a multinational chain of American pizza restaurants founded in 1960. Domino’s menu depends on the different areas as well as the present Domino’s menu in the USA includes a selection of Italian-American primary as well as side dishes. Popular products consist of pizzas with a variety of crust designs, pasta, bread bowls, as well as oven-baked sandwiches.

Domino’s Top Food Selection Products

FounderTom Monaghan & James Monaghan
HeadquarterAnn Arbor, Michigan, USA
Market CapitalUSD 15.03 billion
No. of Stores17,000

Domino’s Top Food Selection Products

  • Pizzas
  • Pasta
  • Bread bowls
  • Oven-baked sandwiches



Wendy’s rankings 9th on this list of the top 10 biggest Fast Food Restaurants on the planet with a yearly profit of USD 1.59 billion. Wendy’s is an American worldwide junk food dining establishment chain started by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio. The chain of Fast Food Restaurants is recognized for its sea salt fries, square burgers, and Frosty, a form of soft-serve gelato mixed with starches. Wendy’s food selection is composed largely of hamburgers, poultry sandwiches, French fries, as well as beverages such as Frosty.

FounderDave Thomas
HeadquarterDublin, Ohio, USA
Market CapitalUSD 4.88 billion
No. of Stores6,711

Wendy’s Top Food Selection Products

  • Burgers
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • French fries
  • Frosty

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

Completing BizVibe’s list of the leading 10 biggest Fast Food Restaurants is Dunkin’ Donuts, an American international coffee, and also doughnut firm. Dunkin’ Donuts was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950 and currently runs 12,900 places in 42 nations. In 2014 the company created USD 1.37 billion, making it the 10 biggest fast-food chains on the planet in regards to annual revenues.

CompanyDunkin’ Donuts
FounderWilliam Rosenberg
HeadquarterCanton, Massachusetts, USA
Market CapitalUSD 5.27billion
No. of Stores12,871

Dunkin’ Donuts Top Food Selection Products

  • Baked products
  • Hot beverages
  • Iced beverages
  • Frozen drinks
  • Sandwiches
  • Sodas

The Future of the Fast Food Restaurants Market in America

Based on the means it’s playing out; the future of the Fast Food Restaurants sector seems to be in technology. Third event shipment firms such as Uber Eats and SkiptheDishes are taking control of the delivery market and interfering with the convenience food as well as quick-service dining establishment market.

Consumers long for adaptability, personalization, and customization, and also the leading 10 largest Fast Food Restaurants on the planet go to the forefront of conference modern customer demands. The most important elements for clients today are excellent solutions, proximity, fast distribution, and also raised shipment alternatives, as well as the leading junk food chains such as McDonald’s as well as Starbucks, are providing all these choices- blazing a trail for all other chains.

Fast Food Restaurants Analysis 2020.

  • Worldwide, Fast Food Restaurants generates earnings of over USD 570 billion- that is larger than the financial worth of most countries.
  • There more than 200,000 Fast Food Restaurants in the USA and also it is estimated that 50 million Americans eat at one of them every single day.
  • Fast Food Restaurants dining establishments, along with fast
  • casual dining establishments make up 50% of sales in the entire dining establishment field.
  • Burger fast food dining establishments represent 30% of market sales.
  • Pizza shops account for 15% of market share.
  • Wellness emphasis: Significant chains are guaranteeing to resource fresher active ingredients with fewer ingredients.
  • The international Fast Food Restaurants is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% by 2027.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. How to cure food Poisoning fast?

    When your stomach settles down, don’t eat anything for a few hours. Make sure you drink water, broth, or electrolyte solution to replace the minerals that you lose when you vomit and have diarrhea. You can eat whenever you feel ready but begin by eating bland, non-fat foods such as rice, toast, and crackers. Don’t forget to rest

  2. When was the Baconator introduced by a fast-food chain?

    Fast-food chain Wendy’s serves up the Baconator sandwich. There are two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, six pieces of bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup, and a bun in Wendy’s Baconator. Baconator was introduced in April 2007 in order to bring Wendy’s back to basics. It comes in a single, double and triple version, depending on how many patties and bacon slices it contains. There are 610 calories in a Baconator single, 980 calories in a Baconator double, and 1,150 calories in a Baconator triple.

  3. What FAST Food is open on Christmas?

    It is not unusual for some people to wake up on Christmas morning and prepare a tasty breakfast. Fast food restaurants are open 24 hours on Christmas give below:
    Denny’s- Over 1,700 locations across the country are closed only on major holidays. Denny’s legendary Grand Slam Breakfast is not just for Wednesday anymore.
    Dunkin’ Donuts- Christmas cheer cannot stop you from getting your caffeine fix. Dunkin’ locations vary in their opening hours, so call ahead before you get in your car.
    IHOP- Make sure you fill-up with a plate of short stack pancakes before your Christmas morning begins. You should check the hours of operation of IHOP restaurants before you visit.
    McDonald’s- It’s important that you call your local McDonald’s restaurant before you get too excited about the morning McGriddle.
    Panda Express- Panda Express is the perfect place for a quick and easy meal if your family eats General Tso’s for Christmas.
    Starbucks- On Christmas morning, gingerbread lattes were made. Most Starbucks locations will remain open on Sunday, which is why the chain agrees. You should also check with your local coffee shop, since they may be operating with fewer hours.

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