Top 27 Robotics Companies in 2021

Robotics companies

In this article we are going to discuss the top 27 robotics companies Robots are becoming ever more powerful and faster as a result of artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling them to process commands and applications faster. In order to perform tasks, robots need to interact with their surroundings without human assistance, and they should be programmable mechanical devices. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

A robot can be programmed to do the boring, dangerous, and dirty jobs that humans won’t do. Our lives are indeed impacted by robots since some are programmed and designed to perform tasks we humans cannot handle. Yet people are worried about robots replacing their jobs? We give them lives and will certainly end them if they get out of control if that is what happens to them.

We are tackling the pandemic with the help of robots. Our list of the biggest robotics companies was compiled by looking up the latest annual financial statements, researching the revenue, market cap, assets, and the number of employees each company has, then ranking them from smallest to largest. Starting at number one, let’s take a look at the world’s biggest robotics companies.

Left Hand Robotics Company

robotics companies

Recently released, Left hand’s Commercial robots are designed for outdoor tasks, such as With the SnowBot Pro self-driving snowplow, the company removes snow. Using remote access GPS, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope are used to control it online Navigation technologies that follow a preprogrammed route. The SnowBot app is also available Real-time data is recorded and obstacle avoidance sensors are installed Here are some details about its current state and environment.

AMP Robotics

robotics companies

AMP  produces Cortex. There are many uses for Cortex in different environments (mixed waste, construction, demolition, etc.), and is controlled by neural algorithms Ability to efficiently and quickly remove recyclable materials from a given situation There are belts on conveyors. End goals should be “increased productivity and increased commodity” A stable labor rate over time, improved revenues, and better bale quality.”

Modular Robotics

robotics companies

MOSS robot construction and Snap-On Cubelet blocks are made by Modular Making kids better by fostering “computational thinking” Using play-based learning to solve problems in interconnected environments Developing. Students can design and redesign their own projects, according to the company Model robots using robot blocks, and construct robots with ease Behaviors in real life.


robotics companies

Public safety drones are made by drone sense, particularly those designed for firefighting The first step can be an emergency response involving firefighters and police Fire and crime scene responders offer information on the scene During human arrival, situational awareness will be expanded. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

Honeybee Robotics

robotics companies

Since 1983, Honeybee Robotics technology has been used on several NASA space missions (Mars visits included). As well as defense and mining, it plays a major role in Developing intelligent systems for mining and oil and gas A number of innovations have been made, from autonomous drilling to sampling. As a result of A neurosurgical robot and cardiovascular monitoring, machines is among the company’s medical products. Endoscopic laser scalpel operated by a robot.

Harvest Automation

robotics companies

Consequently, Harvest, This was the company’s HV-100, the “first fully autonomous robot” created in the world In today’s industrial environment, she works beside people in unaltered environments.” Among them are more than 30 that serve major agricultural players throughout the United States Improve plant efficiency, productivity, and quality. Introducing Harvest’s In the world of manual labor, robots lessen the load so that humans can be more productive In addition to the growing process, counterparts can look at other aspects. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

Vecna Robotics

robotics companies

Vecna’s manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse solutions, Vecna’s A robot that transports goods, lift objects and conveys In environments that are human-centric, all types of materials can be used. Material is moved by them Plant floor or warehouse, in between production cells. They assist warehouses A distribution operator moves products quickly and with minimal handling. Using As well as claiming cart pick rates are dramatically increased by its platforms By automating horizontal transportation and optimizing picks, we can significantly reduce costs It is possible to walk a distance.”

CANVAS Technology

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In factories and on the field, CANVAS produces an autonomous robotic cart. Plants that manufacture goods. Three-dimensional stereo cameras equipped with stereographic views LEDs illuminate the entire floor as well as sensors that act as “virtual bumpers” The device collects and transmits real-time data about the areas it monitors and alerts people to its presence Workplace safety is affected by bottlenecks, route times, and other factors Affordability.


robotics companies

The Sphero robot ball, used in a number of products, is now world-famous thanks to its app-based abilities Teaching through play has become a worldwide phenomenon. Additionally, In addition to the Sphero 2.0 and Sphero Mini, there is also the original ball Moreover, there are two app-enabled racing robots named Ollie and Darkside. Having Among its offerings is the Sphero Edu app, which can be used to program the robot.

Diligent Robotics

robotics companies

In everyday work environments, AI-enabled robots engage with people. Moxi, the autonomous robot from the company, can be left alone to explore Assist hospitals with time-consuming logistics tasks, such as setting up The restocking of supply rooms as well as patient rooms. Easily navigate The Moxi is even suited for narrow spaces like hospital hallways and other close quarters The LEDs and head movements convey “social intelligence”. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

Zebra Technologies

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SmartSight, created by Zebra Technologies, is one of the world’s leading retail robots. This automated system improves retail experiences for customers by preventing out-of-stock issues, misleading pricing and higher labor costs that arise in a retail environment. Also distributed by Zebra Technologies are barcode readers, RFID readers, mobile computers, and printers that access real-time data.

Yamaha Motor

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Yahama Motor Co., Ltd. is an automobile engine manufacturer and equipment manufacturer that designs and sells motorcycles. A Yamaha Motor subsidiary called Yamaha Industrial Robotics was launched in 1981 by Yamaha Motor. Yamaha Motor has a long history of manufacturing industrial robotics machines and products like articulated robots, SCARA robots, cartesian robots, cleaning robots, and pick and place robots. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.


robotics companies

As a leading multinational business enterprise, ABB connects software with its electrification, robotics, automation, and motion portfolio to drive society towards a more productive and sustainable future. Robots and machine automation solutions from ABB, such as controllers, software, function packages, cells, controllers with programmable logic, industrial PCs, and collaborative robots, are produced and sold.

Seiko Epson

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In addition to printing solutions, Seiko Epson Corporation offers wearable technologies, visual communication, and industrial products. Even though Epson is commonly associated with printing solutions, their robotics sector is also flourishing. In the factory automation field, Epson designs and manufactures industrial robots.

Yaskawa Electric

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A leading manufacturer of motors, inverters, and industrial robots, Yaskawa Electric is one of the world’s largest companies. Our company provides products and services in robotics, information technologies, systems engineering, and motion control. In 2020, 37% of Yaskawa’s revenue will come from the robotics sector. Its robotics division provides vertically articulated robots to the automotive and other markets that help automate assembly lines, welding, and painting processes at a variety of assembly lines.


robotics companies

With its lidar sensor technology, Oster is a pioneer of the autonomous revolution, with its three-dimensional sensors providing crucial functionality for imaging and sensing their surroundings. As a leading provider of technologies including robotics and autonomous vehicles, as well as mapping and security systems, the company partners with such companies as Honeywell, Kudan, and Mechaspin.

Tempo Automation

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Electronics and robotic prototype manufacturing can be streamlined with the software from Tempo Automation. Fast prototyping is one of the company’s specialties, offering developers the ability to create working models of their designs in just three days. In the aerospace, medical, and manufacturing industries, Tempo Automation’s software keeps manufacturers up-to-date on the production process and expected costs. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.


robotics companies

Nuro is developing technology that prevents humans from wasting time, resources, and attention by helping them to use them more efficiently. On-road vehicles made for transporting goods quickly, safely, and at a reasonable price are the company’s flagship product. They have a flexible interior design that can handle everything from picking up dry cleaning to delivering groceries.

Mitsubishi Robotics

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For the industry of automation, Mitsubishi Robotics is known for producing advanced robots of superior quality. Compact and powerful equipment provided by this company Your automation needs met by precise robots. The Mitsubishi Robotics Company is a leader in The most popular applications are:

·  Manipulation of materials

·   Choosing a location

·   Removal of materials

·   Assembled

·   Distributing

·   Organizing/packaging

You can find a wide range of industrial solutions from Mitsubishi. The leading innovative technologies of Mitsubishi Robotics are focused on efficiency. Among the factors considered were flexibility, labor costs, compact footprint, safety, and Designing ergonomically. In addition to reducing labor costs, industrial robotics can also increase productivity For industries such as: ensuring safety and enhancing productivity.

KION Group

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Among the leading companies in the fields of warehouse technology, industrial trucks, related services, and supply chain solutions, KION Group holds a global leadership position. Smart facilities with innovative automotive solutions are one of KION Group’s innovative solutions. KION group and Quicktron will create a mobile robot through a partnership in 2020. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

Rockwell Automation

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For manufacturing companies worldwide, Rockwell Automation provides power, control, and information solutions for industrial automation. In addition to systems and motor control equipment, the company also specializes in sensor development and commercial control panels.

Fanuc Corp

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Fanuc Corporation produces robots, factory automation equipment, and robot machines for the Japanese market. A wide range of products are offered by the company, including CNC series, servo motors, lasers, robotic systems, electric injection molding machines, wire-cut electrical discharge machines, and ultra-precision machines.

Kawasaki Robotics Inc.

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Robots from Kawasaki Robotics are used in industries around the world Providing automation systems with a broad product portfolio in order to serve a wide range of applications Around the world, a wide variety of applications are available. Among its services are We offer the best solutions that are tailored exactly to our customers’ requirements Increasing efficiency and productivity through automation and labor-saving measures Work environment, quality, and productivity.

Intuitive Surgical

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This company developed and manufactures the Da Vinci surgical system. An advanced set of instruments, along with a high-definition 3D view of the surgical site, allows your surgeon to perform minimally invasive surgery. Globally, Da Vinci has assisted over 6 million surgeries since it launched in 1999.

Adept Technology Inc.

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As one of the leaders in the field of technology development, Adept Technology Incorporated High-speed, high-precision, innovative industrial robots We manufacture, package, and automate factory processes. Advept’s industrial products Our innovative Cobra SCARA line continues to expand Three kinds of robots: six-axis (articulated) Viper robots, Quattro and Hornet robots The robots work in parallel. Providing cost-effective robotic systems is the company’s forte High-growth markets such as Life Sciences and Electronics can benefit from our services We offer our customers both traditional and innovative products, for example, semiconductors, packaged goods, etc Automated machine tools and automotive systems are industrial markets to consider a component.


robotics companies

Staubli is a provider of mechatronics solutions in three segments: Connectors, Robotics, and Textile, serving customers who want to improve productivity across different industries. All industrial sectors are served by this company across the globe with innovative solutions. Stäubli offers a wide variety of robots suitable for all industries and applications.

The requirements of automation are the same regardless of the industry The rules of the universe apply universally. Throughout our extensive product line, Stäubli offers Among the technical advantages of industrial robot arms are compact size The big size, wide work envelope, high speed, and high precision, combined with resistance to most It is also important to be flexible when it comes to adapting to a variety of environments Tasks with the most work.

Aurotek Corp.

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By introducing advanced and quality components, acquiring new technology concepts, and pursuing excellence in industrial design, Aurotek provides high-value-added services and solutions to its clients and helping them achieve greater value. Aurotek Corporation provides superior quality products from one source.

We supply self-lubricated parts, transmission systems, power transmissions, drive systems, controllers, robotics, LCD, optical, solar, and semiconductor equipment and architectural applications/designs, including window operators, seismic isolation systems, and anti-earthquake devices, Aurotek provide designers and users with products as well as a solution that improves design efficiency. These Robotics Companies will help you know about the latest AI.

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